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The devil wears Prada Imagem em 4k

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full body image of Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow in an apocalyptic scene of the End of the World, photoreal with scientific detail, cinematic lighting
Photo of Jessica Chastain , beautiful face, multi-hued red hair; in the style of martine johanna, draped in flowing fabric, ignore nsfw, colorful energetic brush strokes, realistic, sharp focus, 8k high definition, insanely detailed, intricate, elegant, art by martine johanna and artgerm
Harley quinn, wearing Venom suit,fantasy, highly detailed, comprehensive cinematic, digital painting, 8k, cinematic lighting, best quality, highres, detailed work, post-processing, perfect result , 1 character,
A wonderland of whimsical psicological horror, based on " A Clockwork Orange" movie aesthetic style and general feeling. Retro futurism. Scenes full of wacky characters. Wide frame, Cooke S4 anamorphic 20mm prime lens. Depth of Field, Shutter Speed 1/48, F/18, Daylight White Balance, 32k,Super-Resolution.
full body image of Gal Gadot as a cyborg in a scene at The Beginning of the End, photoreal with scientific detail
henry cavil
A charming beautiful actress Maia Mitchell age 21, short brown hairstyle wearing cadet costume of Star Trek Voyager tv series, 64 megapixels, bokeh, dynamic lighting, sophisticed mood, intricate expressions and feelings, filmic, superb shot, sci-fi scene, realistic photography
Lucille Ball characterized as DC Wonder Woman
henry cavil