Placeholder: Человек-дракон с золотой чешуей в золотой броне Человек-дракон с золотой чешуей в золотой броне



Человек-дракон с золотой чешуей в золотой броне

1 month ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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3328 × 4992


A golden dragonborn warrior with amber eyes and runic tattoos, metal armor
Golden drake
Silver humanoid dragon
Golden drake
человек-дракон в кожаной бране с латуной чэшуёй
Cute handsome regal dragon by Jordan Nelson and Mingchen Shen. Trending on Artstation. Black scales . lighting, epic, 8k, highly detailed, centered, symmetry, painted, intricate, volumetric lighting, beautiful, rich deep colors masterpiece, sharp focus, ultra detailed, in the style of dan mumford and marc simonetti, astrophotography
Dragonborn wearing quilted armor in cred with a gold collar and looks quite royal and smashing, masterpiece, best quality, background fancy party
Gorgeous dragon head made from dark gleaming chocolate
make a monster golden dragon that looks realistic for a movie cover
an epic dragon made of structural golden graphene and blue crystal glass fish scales, insanely detailed and intricate, cinematic, black deep depth of field, 3D, 16k resolution photorealistic, a masterpiece by Alberto Seveso, breathtaking intricate details, realistic and lifelike cgi diorama, colors grading, shadows, dramatic natural lighting, reflective catchlights, high quality CGI VFX fine art, --sw 300 --s 400 --c 80 --style raw --v 6.0
Anthropomorphic monitor lizard warrior, muscular, female, digital art, fantasy
hyperdetailed, 4k, highres, Dragon man hybrid, semi-realistic art, masterpiece, perfect composition, ultra-realistic, 8k

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