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постапокалиптическое метро

5 months ago

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подземка пост апокалипсиса
beautiful graffiti on an old train carriage
Dystopian world
метро 2033
قطار من الداخل قديم مهترئ موجود فيه شخصين فقط ليل
a deserted abandoned city, empty blackening eye sockets of windows, a grassy road, ruins, post-apocalypse, thick black pencil, by Raymond Swanland & Alyssa Monks & Anna Razumovskaya
underground steampunk metro tracks, lots of people living there, full eco system, no natural light
paysage futuriste, très dark, très triste et très désolé, très sale, futur apocalyptique, batiments délabré dans une ville, une route au mieu, hd, 4k, très épuré, très intriqué, rendu octane
Subways in Middle Earth
underground horror
an abandoned train on tracks overgrown by nature with large puddles of water flooding part of tracks, 8k resolution, high-quality, fine-detail, intricate, digital art, detailed matte, volumetric lighting, illustration, 3D octane render, brian froud, howard lyon, selina french, anna dittmann, annie stokes, lisa parker, greg rutowski
ruined victorian city post-apocaliptic cursed wilderness malice forggotten lands

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