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صقر الذهبي

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Kandinsky 2.2

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The bird of prey
"Create an AI art piece featuring the Peregrine Falcon, one of nature's fastest and most agile predators. Capture the bird in flight, showcasing its incredible speed and grace. Highlight the intricate details of its feathers and the intensity in its eyes, embodying the essence of this magnificent raptor."
portrait of an eagle, feathers, extremely sharp detail, finely tuned detail, ultra high definition, 8k, unreal engine 5, ultra sharp focus, winter ambiance, snowy mountains
Falcon animal wearing a leather clothing, alchemist, fantasy, , digital 2d, , trending on artstation, high quality
hawk with orange eyes
الغراب الذهبي من المثيولوجا الشرقية
hawk with orange eyes
grey background; blood red, white animated eagle who's just eyes and beak are in focus. the eagle is looking down strictly mo green
The Eagle
A logo in the form of an eagle in black, written under the Ahlawy eagle and next to it are 11 feathers in golden color
PartyGames EAGLE play videogames name
A cock .

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