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Kandinsky 2.2

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Art Deco-inspired patterns and shapes
Create a handpainted WALL murala Design an art deco-inspired mural using squares to form intricate patterns and shapes. Opt for a sophisticated and luxurious color palette to capture the essence of the style.
Folk devil; Hundertwasser; golden hour; iridescent; controversial; supremely detailed; stupendous
seamless pattern of steampunk cybernetic biomechanical robotic whale, damask pattern, symmetrical, 3 d model, very coherent symmetrical artwork, unreal engine realistic render, 8 k, micro detail, white ceramic material and clear glass with gold accents, iridescent black background, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, high contrast, digital painting, artstation, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, artgerm, tomasz alen kopera, wlop
Design the cover of a catalog for a magazine called “Art Deco”. - The word Art Deco must appear. - There must be a background that is reminiscent of the art deco decorative style: geometry, buildings, contrasting colors, zig-zag,etc.
The Starry Night by Van Gogh
There are blue flame and orange flame, stained glass, flame
can ou create a realistic marble patter with black and gold colour backround pattern
Art Deco
Stain glass of flowers and vines
Black metallic background with gold filigree, no white
woman in art deco style

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