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Picture of a Futuristic Distopian City

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Kandinsky 2.2

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Город Благовещенск в будущем
busy alien city, organic structures, tropical, star wars, 4k, hyperrealistic
sci fi planet, cloud city
A futuristic alien city, with balconies, verandas, many arches, bridges, spires, paths, trees, dense foliage, Spanish moss, ivy, river, blue sky, white clouds
Retrato do centro de uma cidade linda em 2050
futuristic busy alien city, organic, spaceships, star wars, 4k, hyperrealistic
city that covers a planet cyberpunk
sci fi planet, snowing city, Arabian buildings
<Edge runner> Skycreapers, Urban city, Skyline, High resolution, rainy day, Cyberpunk, ilustration, night
beautiful alien city
Create an image that portrays a futuristic cityscape inspired by Midjourney's vision. Showcase towering skyscrapers, advanced transportation systems, and a vibrant, multicultural society. Highlight the integration of technology into daily life, from smart infrastructure to augmented reality interfaces.
futuristic city, focus on lush green gardens growing on the balconies of the buildings, bright sunny sky with a few clouds, make the buildings white in color, 8k high resolution

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