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Kandinsky 2.2

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cybepunk dark train
futuristic, metro system in city
modern tram sketches on paper. pencil draw
• Infrastructure • Transportation • Leisure center • Vegetation • Skyscrapers • Bustling • Prosperous • Cosmopolitan TRANSPORT
futuristic, metro system in city
Indonesian train
train showing some kind of intermodal process in Vector style
Pão de açúcar Rio de janeiro bondinho
A train station by Roy Lichtenstein
transportation in the city realistic
"Amidst the lush forest, rain poured down, illuminating the train with ethereal light from the sky. In a cinematic display of vibrant colors, the train boldly cut through the grass, casting a mesmerizing silhouette against the night. Witness the symphony of nature and machine intertwine in this picturesque moment."
Homeless, deep colours, dark train station background , great pose,magnificent, majestic, highly intricate, Realistic photography, incredibly detailed, ultra high resolution, 8k, complex 3d render, cinema 4d.