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Kandinsky 2.2

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smoking watter
белая чашка кофе со всплеском сливок, дым форма сердца, 4k
A close-up of a glowing cigarette in an ashtray, the smoke forming the delicate silhouette of an embracing couple, its gray wisps contrasting with the black background
Coffee cup with smoke float up
water vapor
A bowl of steaming rice
белая чашка кофе, дым форма сердца, 4k
A cup of cofee on coffee
steam spelling CUN above a cup of tea
Close up view of a hot cup of freshly brewed black tea. The steam rises in wispy curls off the surface of the pale green liquid. Fresh mint leaves float on top of the tea. The cup sits on a wooden table with sunlight streaming in from a nearby window. Extremely detailed image.
(masterpiece, best quality, highres:1.3), ((solo)), White fluid, calm floating on a surface, smoke in background, all in white and glass, bright flickering lights, 35mm film, hyperrealistic photography, inkblot, award winning art, diffusion, macro_shot, colored and tiny gimicalmas details in the foreground, natural lighting, amazing composition, subsurface scattering, amazing textures, soft light, bokeh, vivid, vibrant , highly textured, poster, fine art --s 200 --ar 9:16 --chaos 15 --v 5.2 --st

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