Placeholder: Red lava lakes painted by Jean Dubuffet Red lava lakes painted by Jean Dubuffet



Red lava lakes painted by Jean Dubuffet

23 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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4096 × 4096


Liquid abstract painting, Autumn Splendor, Liquid pattern
нарисуй картину Джексон Поллок, добавь цветы, шрифты, буквы, сделай меньше мазков, добавь больше цветов
Wiradjuri map painting with indigenous symbols
Fluid art and calligraphy
Illustrate a painting made of rich, fertile soil or clay. Within this material, depict the raw potential of creation. Use textures and earthy tones to convey the grounded nature of the material. a paintings that shows earth while using earths materials. make it not too abstract and with a theme present
нарисуй картину в стиле Джексон Поллок, добавь цветы, шрифты, буквы
abstract, a little bit gold&green, the ultimate expression of savor-faire, museum collection, world-famous painting, Watercolor Rendering
A simple abstract painting based on Iranian patterns And Iranian miniatures , use more cold colors
Red lava lakes painted by Wassily Kandinsky
pour cell painting
An ocean teeming with life but threatened by rising temperatures, shaped through abstract forms that illustrate the balance of the marine ecosystem. Employ ebony for the ocean depths, blue for the life-sustaining waters, white for the coral skeletons, and vermillion accents to indicate heat stress. The artwork should radiate the essence of fragility, with a nod to the fluidity of Surrealistic Overtones. The rendering should be reminiscent of abstract surrealism with the depth and nuance of a dig
the 5th dimensions look

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