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رحله الي ارض الخيال

6 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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ارض الاساطير الخلابة
Dunia fantasi
Surealistisches bild zum beschreiben
locandina film sfondo bianco, castelli, fiori, nuvole
progressive rock music album featuring desert and castle floating in the sky
Imagine a new land in an alternate reality. This could include surreal elements, with familiar objects twisted into something new and unexpected.
a magica school floating above a forest
A world full of surprising things, and we will be waiting for the arrival of something very great in a realistic, imaginative way
fantasy world
The Wandering Isles were a beguiling sight, clusters of earth suspended in the sky like a mirage. From afar, they appeared to aimlessly drift above the world, but upon closer inspection, one would see a careful pattern to their movements, as if guided by some unseen hand. The Isles were a mysterious phenomenon that had puzzled ordinary men for centuries.
Land of Lord of the Rings

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