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3 months ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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4096 × 4096


Master Chief
make a photo of Halo Master Chief with yellow tint screen
angry humanoid, cyber suit, helmet, full body, slaves arround, war background
Futuristic Spartan warrior from 2190
Master chief
Cinematic still frame, accident bioluminescent neon stained glass reflected in the visor of the Doom Slayer, standing in the Ancient Temple of Urdak, unreal graphics, beautiful lighting, cinematic, key visuals effects and aesthetic features of Doom: Eternal
Venom Shredder in 8k solo leveling shadow artstyle, machine them, close picture, rain, neon lights, intricate details, highly detailed, high details, detailed portrait, masterpiece,ultra detailed, ultra quality
concept art of Master Chief in a downward dog pose by greg rutkowski, craig mullins, trending on artstation
Doomslayer from halo
Sci-fi Spartan
cyberpunk, neon blue, high technology, geometric figures, orbiting figures, cyberpunk suit, black and blue, epic, rain, neon blue suit, geometric figures orbiting around suit, exosuit, male
spactor call of duty in mortal combat

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