Placeholder: A yellow electrical city painted by Zosan A yellow electrical city painted by Zosan



A yellow electrical city painted by Zosan

16 days ago

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Kandinsky 2.2

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2880 × 5120


electricity in city
Draw me a bustling cityscape picture with color
Illustrate a street with advanced technology in a dense asian city in charles gibbson artist monochrome greys style-line work
A yellow neon city painted by Zosan
yellow city
an innovative mixed media style digital art combining 3D, glitch art, and photography. Feature futuristic cityscapes with unexpected textures, layers, and dimensions.
paysage futuriste, très dark, très triste et très désolé, très sale, futur apocalyptique, batiments délabré dans une ville, une route au milieu, couleurs psychédeliques, cyberpunk, traits de crayon comme dans le jeu vidéo jetset radio, hd, 4k, très épuré, très intriqué, rendu octane
اريد صورة لمدينة بدون ناس لمدة 10 سنوات
I dig deeper into my cityscape memories hoping for inspiration, but it's all a bit dystopian in there. Must be the contaminated cityscape air getting to me noodles. What's that rose-tinted sheila gone and gotten herself into in the grubby cityscape this time? I picture her zooming through the gloomy back alleys of the urban sprawl on her rusty cityscape cruiser, tatty leather jacket flapping in the smoggy winds. Nothing but crumpled high-rises and abandoned skyways stretching as far as the blear
a painting of a city street with tall buildings, inspired by Liam Wong, conceptual art, paul pope, incredibly high detailed, in a narrow chinese alley, artwork of a hong kong street, beautiful comic art, elaborate digital art, new york back street, detalized new york background, canvas, golden cityscape, intricate environment - n 9, 4k 8k
Gotham as Tokyo Japan Sketch in The Walking Dead Scenery.
CUBIST artwork embodying the SCENE OF nOAH'S ARK WITH ALL KINDS OF ANIMALS minimalistic approach, influenced by Luis Miranda, Jeremy Mann, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, blends conceptual art with elements of painting and illustration, somber tones, fragmentedsuals, shadow play, diffuse textures, abstract forms, digital painting, high conceptuality, palette inspired by Jeffrey Catherine Jones, golden ratio composition, ultra fine detail, cinematic lighting.

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