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soul absorbing staff

14 days ago

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Magischer bodenlanger Krummstab aus Wurzel und Metall, Fantasy-Roman, dunkle Macht, Magie
A sorceress evil staff that is a mix colors of red and black crystals and sharp edges, with black aura swirling around it, a black universe color orb ontop of the staff
magic staff, cyberpunk style
Mystical Wise Tree
fantasy wizard staff, dark fantasy scepter, realistic illustration, digital painting, magical staff
A two handed spear with carvings and colorless runes
An ethereal and otherworldly scene of a dark, moody forest at night, with gnarled trees and twisted roots illuminated by a glowing blue mist, and a ghostly figure hovering in the center, its features indistinct and shifting as if made of smoke.
nervous ganglion made of dark plant matter
abyssal soul absorbing mage's staff
A hammer made from crystal that emits a mysterious light. It has been forged using an ancient secret design that has been carefully guarded by the Giants for generations.
fantasy weapon sword
Vista de una cueva rocosa, húmeda con enredaderas verde y sombrías con un solo rayo de luz en su interior con huesos de animales como siervos, jabalí. Y huellas de animal gigantes pelos en el piso ramas árboles a su alrededor en bosque terrorífico.

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