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Kandinsky 2.2

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spellbook, magic, spell, laying+on+a+table, surrounded+by+books, jewel+trinkets, purple+green+orange, cartoon, octane+render, 8k, ultra+highly+detailed, intricate+details, shiny, sparkles,
A wooden biologist's desk, on it a glass bottle. In the glass bottle a captured fairy "detailed matte painting, deep color, fantastical, intricate detail, splash screen, complementary colors, fantasy concept art, 8k resolution, Unreal Engine 5"
Elf witch with cat, looking into glowing cauldron, background alchemists workshop
"A perfectly cute shaped crystal 3D cube exploding in the middle of the galaxy with the galaxy inside" :: Hyperdetailed realistic:: A breathtaking artwotk by Russ Mills, Anna Dittmann, Stanley Artgerm, Patrick Woodroffe :: maximaliste :: bird's eye view :: Epic scale :: intricately hyperdetailed:: clear environment:: dream-line:: high resolution, trending on artstation.
spellbook, magic, spell, short+handle, laying+on+a+table, surrounded+by+books, goldcoins, treasure, cartoon, octane+render, 8k, ultra+highly+detailed, intricate+details, shiny, sparkles,
Golden Grail, Photo-realistic, Image size 5'x5', fantasy art.
Magical Potion: A visually appealing image of colorful bottles filled with magical potions and shimmering ingredients.
Lots of Treasure and gems on a pirate ship
arcane style, one single colorful potion in a round bottle with a glowing galactic landscape inside of it on a messy brown table, papers and books, sunlight from a window, soft lighting, atmospheric, bottle is the focus. by makoto shinkai, stanley artgerm lau, wlop, rossdraws, james jean, andrei riabovitchev, marc simonetti, krenz cushart, sakimichan,
Gorgeous sparkling crystal ball with twirling green orange fog inside on marble pedestal in dark cave, dark fog rising
crystals cosmos stars
Fantasy art game big house