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Draw a dapper dude
a man who is a man
رجل لديه لحية كثيفة ذات طول متوسط لون اسود وشعر راس قصير وكثيف اسود لامع مع عيون كبيرة وفك حاد لون ازرق ولون بشرة قريب للون الاسمر
professor balthazar with a hat in style of logo
lav et billede af en mand
A very thin man wearing a brown galabiya with a heavy coat over it and a yellowish-white Arab hat. The man is short and has a medium-thick mustache and a beard with some shaved hair. Make the painting high-resolution drawing in the style of a funny comic or the same style of drawing the novel The Good Soldier Švek by the writer Jaroslav Hašek.
Please draw a guy with a beard, no mustache, short light hair, piercing eyes, dressed in black and gray. Show that he is a whiskey fan.
A partir de la imagen que subi, crear un rostro real, gorra de basketball, lentes tipo ryban, barba larga con forma de lupulo invertido
Historic youtube channel profile picture
Can you please draw an image that shows an man with his left arm missing and only have his right arm still dressed in an old western outfit
A Dark-Haired Man With A Strong Jaw And A beard wearing victorian dress clothes
Logo drawing of a man with a large mustache

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