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arcoiris en un mundo de pinturas

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And a Paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, prepared for the righteous, and among them is His saying: Like the Paradise that the righteous are promised, beneath which rivers flow, whose food is everlasting and its shade. This is the afterlife of those who feared me, and my afterlife..
Impressionist - Delicate, Gentle, Ethereal, Subtle, Serene
Obrázok v štýle fantasy. Obrázok má vyjadrovať že jednoduchá cesta nevedie k úspechu za to cesta po ktorej sa treba snažiť a prekonávať prekážky si zaslúži odmenu. Krajina s cestou ktorá sa rozdeľuje na 2 cesty. Cesta v ľavo je veľmi pekná, plná slnečných lúčov, a kvetov na poli. Na konci cesty v ľavo však nečaká žiadna odmena. Cesta v pravo plná nástrah a prekážok na nebi búrka ale na konci cesty čaká odmena.
crea un paisaje de verano , con matices nitidos y brillantes con un sol brillante, con una cascada cayendo desde las montañas, con animales y pajaros , plantas y flores
Enter a realm where Monet, Turner, and Klimt converge, painting a single image inspired by a chosen season from Vivaldi's Four Seasons.Let their strokes and imagination intertwine, creating an enchanting masterpiece that echoes the music of the chosen season, 8k, Uhd --no split image, text, perfect composition, beautiful detailed intricate insanely detailed octane render trending on artstation, 8 k artistic photography, photorealistic concept art, soft natural volumetric cinematic perfect light,
In the delicate aura of dawn, where the sky unveils itself in hues of pink and gold, a soul awakens with the promise of a new beginning. Amidst the folds of the emerging light, hope dances, enveloping the heart of those venturing into the mystery of the unfolding day.
in A4 portrait, make the background color be dim with cool lighting , for example blue or purple, however do not make it dark. the background cover include images of nature, such as landscapes or serene water scenes in the style of drawing, let also depict a diverse range of individuals to emphasize inclusivity, the universality of mental health challenges
moonage daydream (impressionism) (landscape)
oil painting of bright landscape
In hues of gold and crimson blaze, A masterpiece of skies ablaze, The sun's embrace, a tender kiss, On canvas, lives forever bliss. Vibrant strokes, alive with grace, Oil-painted dreams, a sacred space, As nature's lyric, love's duet, A beautiful sunset, we shall not forget.
Candy wonderland landscape, painting_by_James_Coleman+Rodel_Gonzales+Thomas_Kinkade, Emotional_depth, luminism, intricately_detailed, Splash_art, Artstation, moody, Unreal_Engine_5, hyperrealistic, perfect composition, cinematic, atmospheric
beautiful dream, painting, mystical, fine brush strokes, high quality, masterpiece, Watercolor, pastel colors, fine detail, 4k,

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