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النمر الأسود

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Kandinsky 2.2

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2880 × 5120


النمر الأسود
The tiger
Purple Tigress
Terrifying ghost tiger, orange green black white, liquid, ink, splatter, splash, by James Jean and Arthur Rackham, masterpiece | centered | intricately detailed 8k resolution maximalist | liquid fluid painting, watercolor art, calligraphy, action painting, complex, fantastical, dramatic flow, vibrant brush strokes horrific horror creepy fire angry violent
The legendary animals, and the white tiger
Tigre verde
Anthropomorphic Siberian tiger with hyperrealistic 8k suit and tie
a detailed illustration of a japanese Tiger with a glowing sparkly body, luminescent body, realistic, soft and smooth glowing body, macro lens, sharp focus, meticulously detailed, soft studio lighting, smooth blurred gradient background, 64k
A tiger
حيوان مفترس شكله جميل جدا
photoreal close-up of a dragontiger in an icecave with blue-green fog by lee jeffries, octane render, 8k, high detail
Black leopard

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