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An environmentally friendly city

1 year ago

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An environmentally friendly city
future city if green party was the head of politics
Coatlicue, the city of the future, the past past the city we have no less individuals such else, and if you seem to turn back to the city, you'll fall at different parts of the city, in an urban setting
By "megalopolis" we mean a city that covers 70% of a planet, the rest being protected natural parks. Its originality lies in its floating districts, accessible either by gravitational lift, by vehicle or by quantum door. These huge clusters of hustle and bustle are suspended above the rest of the city and natural areas, and generally have their own functions. Overall, the city exudes a sense of aesthetics and the right balance between nature and the city, be creative this is for an art contest
vegetation city
Huge dark green epic city with treehouses skyscrapers
futuristic city, focus on lush green gardens growing on the balconies of the buildings, bright sunny sky with a few clouds, make the buildings white in color, 8k high resolution
futuristic nature city
busy alien city, organic structures, tropical, star wars, 4k, hyperrealistic
A metropolis with lots of plants and gardens
fuuturistic megapolis with center

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