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Kandinsky 2.2

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مدينة صناعية
a stunning medium illustration of a futuristic (steampunk cyberpunk) cityscape, towering (mechanical) structures enveloped in billows of (smog and steam) against a vibrant (neon-lit) skyline. The foreground showcases a (mechanical technology) marvel, intricately designed with (gears, pipes, and valves) pulsating with (electric blue) energy. Synonymous with (retro-futurism) aesthetics, this artwork displays a mix of antique and advanced (technology), where (Victorian fashion meets augmented reali
Oil plant
A world of rusty and greyish buildings, pipelines, smoking chimneys, with steampunk elements, by Amanita Design
مدينة صناعية
naves industriales estructura
Oil plant
Добыча нефти
Develop a realistic advertisement photo for industrial paint with a light tone, featuring an industrial plant as the central object. Showcase the transformative power of the paint as it enhances and protects the plant during the refinery process. Capture the details of the industrial setting, highlighting the before-and-after effects of the paint application. Emphasize the durability and functionality of the industrial paint in the context of the refinery process, portraying a seamless blend of
digital art of a space station
Diorama of science fiction apartment, Miki Asai Macro photography, close-up, hyper detailed, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski

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