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Barbarian druid, young man, bear

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Barbarian druid, young man
fantasy male human half body of a legendary hunter, epic, cinematic, realistic, detailed, digital art,
realistic half monkey warrior
Man with grey bear like face in tundra outfit, holding a crossbow. Dark Fantasy art style.
Bankulf, Fjompen, Filleristern, Sibbi, Shildoria, Warcraft, 2 Orcs, 1 Troll,1 Tauren,1 Blood Elf, Wide Angle, rich details, High definition, Metzen, Artstation,
dwarf paladin with a war hammer and a shield
dwarf paladin with a magical staff
Create a piece of art showcasing your champion, Pelter, in the battle. Pelter is firing his slingshot, shooting pebbles all over the field
Create a angry dwarf jumping at the camera, fantasy, dungeons and dragons, wearing fantasy leather clothes, a giant brown mohawk
fantasy, warrior, handsome, French braid, shaved on the side head, beard, tall, muscles, fur, manly, leather, full body
portrait photo of two 55 years old vikings embraced muscular chubby and hairy beard manly chest hairy shoulders emotive eyes hyper-realistic 4k cinematic photographic
Erling Holland Viking