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Wine bottle from Middle Earth

24 days ago

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a single death potion bottle, half content inside, skull, death and dark liquid inside, intricated detailed, cross logo in the glass, 3d vray render, dark, celestial, magical, scary background, detailed, centered, photorealistic, cinematic lightning, artstation, 4k, luxury, product view, ultra quality, exquisite hyper details, fashion, rendering by unreal engine, octane render, HDRI, intense, dramatic, professional, IMAX, high contrast, flawless detail, award-winning, expertly crafted
dark skyline, ghostly liqueur bottle, steampunk
Barco viking, Machado viking, cerveja
generate me an aesthetic photo of perfumes for Perfume Bottles with Intricate Lace
una bottiglia di vetro, con disegno imperiale, di amaro "Grifone" con sfondo di città
generate me an aesthetic complete image of perfume for Perfume Bottle with Antique Mirror
create square bottle design for oriental perfume bottle design with minimal and embossed ornamental designs. plain coated black bottle with metallic organic designed and parametric cap
Watercolor, a burgundy bottle with black lace and rubies, Trending on Artstation, {creative commons}, fanart, AIart, {Woolitize}, by Charlie Bowater, illustration, color correction, cinematic, Nikon D750, Brenizer method, side view, perspective, depth Field Field, Field of View, F/2.8, Lens Flare, Tonal, 8K, Full HD, ProPhoto RGB, Perfectionism, Edge Lighting, Natural Light, Soft Light, Accent Light
Photoreal gorgeous dragon-shaped beer bottle by lee jeffries, 8k, high detail, smooth render, unreal engine 5, cinema 4d, HDR, dust effect, vivid colors
large flask of potion poison
A mighty greatsword with a blade that resembles chiseled stone. The hilt is carved with earthy motifs, and the pommel holds a small gem that pulses with the energy of the earth.
ancient sword

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